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Good day and welcome to another Man Cave Monday summer edition. So who jumped up this morning and was like, I will own this day! Not you? Ok, not me either. Sometimes I wonder how the day’s going to go and then I guess it all depends on how you feel. Lately I’ve been kind of feeling groggy and more like a wet sock with no energy to move around. Often I ask myself why this feeling takes over my body and what can I do about it. The simplest answer would be to sleep it away and then wake up like those of you who owned today, haa. Then the easiest answer would be to wait it out, but the Man Cave Monday answer would say to look at your diet.

For real, how often do you sit back and just let yourself be at peace with everything YOU eat. Do you ever? How many of you actually count calories? How many people just eat whatever they want and don’t give a hoooot? I think we all go through phases, but at times we really strive to eat well, then bounce around and cheat on meals, or just eat whatever filled you up for that day. Then you contemplate whats good and what will energize me through the gym session. A lot of people choose to have a pre workout shake , a protein shake, or maybe nothing. I like to have something in my belly when I go to the gym so one of my favorite meals to throw together is plain yogurt, some frozen fruit, and I like to go in on some flaxseeds, chia seeds, and finally my new fave for protein, Hemp seed, it’s good for the heart. It’s a perfect treat before the gym. A combination of all seeds and yogurt will give you a good fulfilling meal that will feed you until after that gym session. I’m probably going to get a good 13-18 grams of protein, omega 3’s, good carbs, and fiber. And doesn’t everything taste better in your favorite mug? Get that favorite mug, favorite spoon and add 2 cups of yogurt, but make sure it says 0 grams of sugar. I defrost a frozen combination of fruit, which is super healthy, in the microwave for just a bit and I dump in 3 tablespoons of hemp seed, just a tablespoon of flaxseed, and a tablespoon of chia seeds. This is a condensed power pack pre workout meal or a meal for breakfast. A great way to keep your pocketbook fat.

Try it out and let me know what you think. Kudos to you if you’ve found a way to top this recipe.



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